Hradil replacement cable

suitable for Rovver system from iPEK

The Hradil camera cable, suitable for the Rovversystem from iPEK, is used on the system with a standard length of 200 m and can be delivered pre-assembled on request with the appropriate connectors.

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Article number: 200.186

This Hradil camera cable with a diameter of 7.3 mm is suitable for the entire Rovversystem from iPEK and is highly appreciated by our international customers due to the high reliability, sturdiness and durability. It is used on portable Rovver cable drums RM200 and RM200 as well as the motor driven Rovver cable drums RA200. With this camera cable suitable for the Rovversystem of Hradil special cable you are able to use the full functionality of the system.

The robust design of a Vectran braid with a tensile strength of up to 2500 N and the durable polyurethane coat with a special TPU blend offers a very long shelf life, even at very high mechanical loads.

Rovver system from iPEK
OEM Description:
ROVVER camera cable
Order Number:
7.3 mm
Poles (veins):
6 x 0.5 mm + 4 x (2 x 0,15 mm²)
Optical fiber:

Of course, we are shipping this cable in special lengths. To take your request, please call or mail to following address: [email protected] or contact us directly at Tel: +49 (0) 7142 78891-0

Order number: 200.186
Diameter: 7,3 mm
Poles (veins) X cross section + Coax: 6 x 0,5 mm² + 4 x (2 x 0,15 mm²) + coax