Hradil replacement cable

suitable for Modular System PANORAMO (ARGUS 5) from IBAK

This Hradil replacement cable, suitable for PANORAMO systems and inspection systems with the ARGUS 5 from IBAK, will bring you back into the drain - quickly and at reasonable prices.

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Article number: 200.470

The Hradil camera cable suitable for PANORAMO, ARGUS 5 from IBAK has a sturdy construction of a Vectran braid with a tensile strength of up to 2500 N with a PUR sheath with a special TPU blend for heavy workloads during the sewer inspection. It is therefore extremely durable. It features a very long shelf life, even at very high mechanical loads. In daily use, the penetration of moisture is limited to a maximum of 1% through the use of Vectran instead of Kevlar / Aramid. Damages on the outer sheath of the camera cable can be signifficantly reduced.

OEM Description: Camera Cables
Order Number: 200.470
Diameter: 10.0 mm
Poles (veins): 9 x 0.6 mm² + 1 X 2 X 1 + X 0.15mm² 0,095mm²
Coax: yes
Optical fiber: yes

Of course, we are shipping this cable in special lengths. To take your request, please call or mail to following address: [email protected] or contact us directly at Tel: +49 (0) 7142 78891-0

Order number: 200.470
Diameter: 10 mm
Poles (veins) X cross section + Coax: 9 X 0,6 mm² + 1 X 2 X 0,095mm² + 1 X 0,15mm² + optical fibres + coax